Statement of Condition

December 31, 2013

Cash and due from banks$7,634,000
Securities held-to-maturity498,000
Securities available-for-sale46,022,000
Loans, net of allowance for loan losses65,300,000
Premises and fixed assets3,974,000
Other real estate owned6,433,000
Other assets7,741,000
Total assets$ 137,602,000
Liabilities and Stockholder's Equity 
Deposits$ 122,115,000
Other liabilities1,471,000
Total liabilities123,586,000
Stockholder's equity 
Common stock150,000
Capital surplus5,742,000
Retained earnings8,800,000
Accumulated other comprehensive income(676,000)
Total stockholder's equity14,016,000
Total liabilities and stockholder's equity$ 137,602,000